Friday, April 19, 2013

UNDER HIS COMMAND by Kristine Cayne is a RONE Award nominee: Best Erotica Work

The folks at InD'Tale Magazine have been reading and reviewing books from 2012. Any book rated 4 stars or higher was entered into the 2012 RONE Awards. This year, all three of my full-length novels made the cut. Wow.

Voting is divided up into weekly polls. Voting instructions can be found at:

You must be registered, or you can email in your voting ballot.

WEEK 1 POLL PERIOD: 4-19-2013 through 4-26-2013
Contemporary, Contemporary: Jocks, Cops and Cowboys, Erotica

Under His Command is in Week 1 in the Erotica category.

If you read and enjoyed UNDER HIS COMMAND, and you believe it is the best in its category, I would very much appreciate your vote. Contests and awards like the RONE help indie authors such as myself tremendously in building up our "street creds." :)

WEEK 5 POLL PERIOD: 5-17-2013 through 5-24-2013
Suspense/Thriller, Science Fiction

Deadly Obsession and Deadly Addiction are both in Week 5 in the Suspense/Thriller category.

Thank you, all, for your amazing support!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

#99cents #SALE The Water Diamonds by Dennis Bowen - International #Thriller

The Water Diamonds: Book 1 of the International Thriller Series
by Dennis Bowen
Now on sale for only $0.99 (regularly $6.99)
But hurry! The sale ends April 20th! (4/20/2013)


The Water Diamonds - Description
A violent car crash on California's PCH.
A plot to achieve world domination.
A nuclear arms-seeking Iran.
At the heart of this conspiracy is amnesiac Magus Crayle.

Crayle becomes the subject in a classified memory-recovery project managed by an off-the-books government agent. Assigned to protect Crayle and stimulate his memory are an FBI agent with baggage and a P.I. with an agenda. Attempts on Crayle’s life begin. The threat escalates. Nothing is what it seems. Assassins chase Crayle and the P.I. from their mountain sanctuary. Crayle is shocked by his ability to employ car racing and martial arts skills. The ante has been raised – more people will die.

Crayle confronts his government handler. A call to Langley, Virginia provides direction. A jet is made available. Crayle and the P.I. depart for the Far East. His first target: Hong Kong stock mogul Chin Yao-wu, a charismatic, sexually deviant megalomaniac who reveals under duress details of their shared past. Another assassination attempt occurs, aligning Crayle with the most seductive of Chin's lethal "daughters".

Chin’s intel leads Crayle to Strasbourg, France, a second conspirator, Sylvain Lalumiere, and his small army. The Frenchman views Crayle as a threat – to his plans of conquest and to his life. Few truths emerge. Answers beget questions. Crayle remains confused by his dominant placement in foreign crosshairs.

Magus Crayle must reclaim his life, his memories, and his identity even as he struggles to survive.


The look on his face appeared as determined as it was pleasured. What he had accomplished at the behest of his government was monumental. Never before had anyone created a road map for national conquest. And he had done it not once, but twice.

The high-powered sports roadster streaked up the Pacific Coast Highway north of Malibu—some of Southern California’s most beautiful coastline. The driver had sea waves crashing on his left, a mountain barrier on his right, and a curving two-lane blacktop ahead. Add the thunder of a built V8 engine, and he was zoned-in.

A quick stop for lunch at Neptune’s Net was all that had interrupted the drive. This was the same drive he took anytime he needed to reflect on a task he had just completed. He’d accomplished the unimaginable. He had been the Sun Tzu, not of bloody battle, but of bloodless political conquest.

About Dennis
A native Californian, Dennis Bowen has a long-standing commitment to international affairs, has traveled to more than 40 countries, and is a member of the World Affairs Council. Add to the mix his classified defense and intelligence community background, martial arts training, sports car track-racing, service with military amphibious forces in a war zone, and playing in rock bands, and it's not surprising that this eclectic writer pens International Thrillers. When not traveling the globe to conduct book research, he resides on the Southern California coast.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

COVER REVEAL and Giveaway - Cameron's Quest by Lorraine Nelson

Cameron's Quest by Lorraine Nelson

Get it at Everynight Publishing for a 15% discount!
Amazon | All Romance eBooks | Bookstrand

Hi everyone! Thank you for joining the blog blitz for the cover reveal of Cameron's Quest by Lorraine Nelson. Isn't that a gorgeous cover?! Keep reading to learn more about this latest installation in Lorraine's Thunder Creek Ranch series. We've also got a great character interview with Cameron himself, and Lorraine is doing a giveaway!

Cameron's Quest - Description
Cameron Manning has never forgotten his first love. Of Irish descent, he met red-haired, fiery tempered Lacey Kerrigan in England, but her family returns to Ireland unexpectedly and they haven’t any means of contact. He finds her and receives the surprise of his life.

Lacey is thrilled to see Cameron, but is afraid of being hurt again. She keeps her distance and rebuffs his advances while he’s in Ireland, certain that a long distance affair will never work. But when tickets arrive for her to visit his home in Canada, she realizes his love is true and is willing to give them a second chance.

Fate intervenes when they find a murdered man on Cameron’s back deck. All evidence points to Cameron as the killer. Can their reawakened love survive the stress of a murder investigation? Or will it be the catalyst that drives them apart forever?

Character Interview
Thank you for having me here today! I had a fun time doing this interview.

Favorite Toy:
Cameron Manning (CM): I don't play with toys.
Lorraine Nelson (LN): You treat that big brute of a truck you drive like a toy.
CM: I do not.
LN: You do! And you just couldn’t wait for an excuse to buy a new one.
CM: I couldn’t have Lacey bouncing around in my old ranch pick-up.
LN: Uh, huh. Good excuse.

Favorite Drink:
CM: Beer.
LN: Hmmm, can't argue with you there.
CM: Well, that's a first!

Favorite Car:
CM: That would be my F-150 King Ranch.
LN: That's a truck! They asked for your favorite car.
CM: My favorite car, if I ever feel I need one, is a Porche.
LN: Oh, flashy.
CM: Gotta keep up appearances.

Favorite Scent:
LN: Oh! I've got this one…roses.
CM: Women! There's more to life than flowers.
LN: Maybe so, but they asked for my favorite scent. It certainly isn't whatever cologne you're wearing.
CM: This happens to be a very subtle scent, and besides, Lacey likes it.
LN: Hmmm, gotta have a talk with that girl.

Meet Lorraine

Lorraine Nelson is a multi-published author who lives in rural New Brunswick, on the east coast of Canada. Always a bookworm, she’s read many novels of romance and mystery over the years, finally deciding to put her pen to work at writing one.

“To write romance and romantic suspense is my dream come true, although my mom says I was born with an avid imagination and pencil in hand, crafting stories from an early age. Now my children have grown and have lives of their own, I have time to indulge my passion for writing.”

Lorraine lives alone with an independent yet affectionate tomcat, enjoys spending time with her three sons and six grandchildren. When not at the computer, you can find her spending time with family, gardening, baking and, of course, reading.

Lorraine loves to hear from readers. You can keep up with her releases by visiting the following locations:
Website -
Blog –
Facebook -
Twitter -!/lornelca
Or email your comments to:

Lorraine is giving away a book (winner's choice from Lorraine's Thunder Creek Ranch series) on April 18th to 2 lucky commenters.

To enter: leave a comment below, including your email address. 
Question: What is it about cowboys that makes them so damn sexy?!

Visit all the blogs in the list below to maximize your chances!

Cameron's Quest Blogging Blitz, April 16th

Lorraine Nelson
Luscious Literaries
Kristine Cayne
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Stacey Jo
Laura Deluca
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Thank you all for joining us and good luck with the giveaway!

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Spring Fever Reads Giveaway Event - Over 40 ebooks and a Kindle Fire! #SpringReads

Welcome to my tiny part of the Spring Fever Reads Giveaway Event (April 12th - 13th, 2013)!

I recently found myself in a chat with a group of like-minded authors. We asked ourselves: what can we do to celebrate spring with our readers? And that is how the idea for the Spring Fever Reads Giveaway was born. We are over 30 authors giving away a ton of great prizes. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Spring Fever Reads Giveaway Event
Have you joined our event on FaceBook yet? Please take a moment to do so and invite your friends. We are using the event page to highlight the books that are being given away on our blogs. We're also having some games you can play to earn additional entries in the giveaways. Come on over so you don't miss out on anything!

Facebook event link:

Book Prizes
We have over 40 ebooks to give to our readers! You can win these five wonderful ebooks, right here on my blog.

Portrait of Our Marriage by Martha Emms: Nicky led a sheltered life until she met Brett: An adventurous, handsome, smart, and exciting lover. She had never known this kind of love before, either emotionally or physically. She pictured her life with Brett as a partner, a friend, and a father to her future children. And when they married, Nicky knew she had found everything her heart and body desired.

But when Brett’s fantasy world of racy magazines, explicit videos, and disturbing internet porn becomes an obsession and affects their marriage, Nicky has to ask herself: What happened to the man I married?

Portrait of Our Marriage is the story of one woman’s journey.

The Unseen Promise: The Tarkeenia Saga (Book One) by Ellen Mae Franklin: Set on the world Tarkeenia, this story marks the struggle between god and man, magic and indefinable evil. Monsters walk the shadows and the tip of balance between dark and light, good and evil. Even on a good day, living is tenuous.

Strangers become friends, uneasy alliances are tainted by betrayal and self gain. Unlikely heroes salvage what they can, in a world on the brink of chaos.

Flesh eating Specks, turn the living to dust, Murrdocks and Dwarves, Benzines and Magi all strive to make do in a world bubbling with wild magic. Will Tarkeenia survive the tug and pull of the very spoilt and the very wicked? Will those lost to the dark, find a way back to the light? Is it possible to forget, or forgive and begin again? All these questions and more are answered in this first book, as the reader walks Tarkeenia’s many paths.

The Mistaken by Nancy S. Thompson: Tyler Karras wants only two things: to avenge his wife’s death and free his brother from the Russian Mafia. When one provides means for the other, he jumps on the opportunity, pledging the woman who destroyed his family as payment for his brother’s debt. But when Ty mistakenly targets the wrong woman, he’s forced to protect them all from the very enemy’s he’s unleashed, because with the Russian Mafia, even two out of three makes for very long odds.

Sophie's Turn by Nicky Wells: One fine day in Paris, Sophie Penhalligan suddenly finds herself engaged to her teenage crush and love-of-her-life-from-a-distance, rock singer and star extraordinaire Dan Hunter. But there is the small matter of her very recent, but very prior, engagement to Tim. Reliable, honest, trusting Tim, her boyfriend of two years stashed away safely in his mews house in South Kensington while Sophie is drinking rather too much champagne with Dan in Paris. This contemporary romantic fairy tale describes how Sophie gets into her impossible situation and how she turns it around.

The Great Rite of the Golden Coven by Ashen White: Uncover the ancient secrets of a true Romany Chohawni coven as they undertake the most special Great Rite of their lives! Guided by a mysterious and legendary Dark Grimoire, join them as they learn the true jinnepen (wisdom) of their Romany way, and understand what it really means to be gueri!

Here's how it works: There are ten of us who are featuring the giveaway books on our blogs. The books will be won individually so your chances of winning are very high. Be sure to go to all ten blogs to maximize your odds.

To enter: fill out the rafflecopter below. The more actions you do, the more entries you get!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Grand Prize
Now for the grand prize. We are also giving away a fabulous Kindle Fire Tablet (7" LCD Display, Wi-Fi, 8GB)!

To enter: fill out the rafflecopter below. Complete as many of the actions as you can to increase your odds of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What Now?
For more great ebooks to win, please return to the Spring Reads Giveaway Event page. We'll be highlighting more ebooks, and the blogs where you can go to win them.

Thanks for joining us!

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COVER REVEAL: Precious Embrace by Dana Mason

Precious Embrace Synopsis: (Precious Embrace is Book Two in the Embrace Series)

Precious Embrace - Description
A second divorce and a new baby wasn’t the vision Alison Hayes had for her future. Now a single mother with two young boys, she wants to focus on her kids and what’s left of her stagnant career.
When Detective Johnny Rhay Bennett breezes into her life with his country-boy accent, she wants to run. She doesn’t need another man in her life, or another reason to make people talk. But when her worst nightmare becomes a reality, Johnny is the only person who can pull Ali out of her despair, forcing her to stay strong and not give up hope of finding her missing child.


Who falls in love after a one-night stand? Johnny Rhay doesn’t believe it’s possible until it happens to him. With Nashville in his rear-view mirror, he’s determined to convince Alison she loves him too, even if it means moving to the West Coast.

Ali’s not easy, and she’s living on just this side of bitter after her divorce, but Johnny doesn’t care. He’s up for the challenge. At least, he believes he’s up for it until baby Micah is stolen right out from under his nose. Now Johnny has to keep it together and get that sweet little boy home safe before his dreams of having a family vanish too.

Dangerous Embrace (Book One in the Embrace Series)
Have you read Dangerous Embrace, book one in the Embrace series? If not, be sure to read it before Precious Embrace is released! Here's where you can find it.

Goodreads | Amazon UK | Barnes and Noble | Kobo

About Dana

Dana Mason starting writing to prove to her computer geek husband and her math & science geek kids that she actually has a brain; it’s just a right functioning brain instead of a left. She’s lived all over the country and uses that experience in her writing and character studies. Her debut novel, Dangerous Embrace is the first in a contemporary romance series about a group of friends from Northern California who learn just how short life can be when you don’t hold on to what’s important.

When not writing, Dana specializes in professional development and training. She’s also a board member on the local Art’s Council and does what she can to support the art community.

Find Dana On-Line
Facebook Fan Page:
Amazon Author Page:
Publisher Author Page:

Thank you for joining us in this celebration of Dana's new cover for Precious Embrace. I can't wait for the release!