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NEW RELEASE: Dragon Defense by Diane Rapp

Today, I'm honored to be sharing my blog with Diane Rapp, who has just released her latest book, Dragon Defense. Diane is talking about how the characters in Dragon Defense experience personal choice and are faced to live with the consequences of their decisions. Please take a moment to read Diane's fabulous blog below, then visit Amazon and read the synopsis of this great new book, which has already earned a five-star rating on four reviews.

Title: Dragon Defense
Series: Heirs to the Throne (Book 3)
Author: Diane Rapp

Genre: Science Fiction
Available from: Amazon

Personal Choice - Can we live with the consequences?

Guest blog by Diane Rapp

Teachers advise writing students to develop a “theme” for their books.  The idea stumped me until I examined two characters in my new book, Dragon Defense.  My novels are character driven, so I never established a theme in advance.  During my writing process, I pose broad questions and let my characters provide the answers.  Hopefully readers deliberate the questions and arrive at their own conclusions.  With that said, I believe “Personal Choice” is the theme of my new science fiction novel, Dragon Defense.  What personal choices do we make for our lives and can we live with the consequences?

Shariel is the biological daughter of a samurai woman and the villain, Jarrack.  She’s afraid of the “mind control” talent she inherited from her evil father.  Can evil be inherited?  When Shariel starts using mind control to defend herself and her foster mother, Aunt Bess, she worries that she’ll become evil like her father.  To reinforce her fear, Shariel’s birth mother, Ronda, sees too much of Jarrack in the grown girl and rejects her.  When Shariel discovers a purpose for her life, she makes a choice.  Connecting with a flock of dragons, Shariel carves out an exciting new future for herself and her siblings by using her gift without fear.    

Jarrack faces a new dilemma in this part of the saga—he could choose to reject evil or return to the Institute.  As a young man Jarrack was promised immortality and joined the Institute’s assassination squad.  He enjoyed his work because never felt the suffering he inflicted on his victims.  By transferring his mind into clones, he’d never grow old or die.  When the Zebulon landed on Drako, the Transfer equipment was destroyed and the entire crew faced normal mortality.  Desperate to discover another way to live forever, Jarrack bred defenseless sons to use as replacement bodies.  Telepathic wolves interfered with his scheme, and Jarrack gets changed physically!  Inundated by the pain and thoughts of other people, he finally understands the consequences of his evil actions.  Will Jarrack choose redemption over immortality?

Humans enjoy free will.  We’re guided as children by our parents, given further direction by religion and social influences, but we must decide the final path to follow.  These two characters in Dragon Defense make choices for their future.  Can they accept the consequences?  What would you do?

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  1. Great dilemmas, Diane! Sounds like you've got a very interesting world in your novels. I'll be checking them out!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and for your comment, Dana!

  2. Kristine,
    Thanks so much for allowing me a guest blog about the book launch. I hope everyone will stop by my Facebook launch party and go to my website to enter for a contest to win a 15" x 24" poster (signed by me) of the beautiful cover.

    Hope to see everyone there!

    Diane Rapp, Author

    1. Thank you for letting me know, Diane. I've updated the post with your contest information.

      I'm so happy to have you guest blogging! Best of luck with your new release "_

  3. Sounds intriguing! Good luck with your launch and much success!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Rhonda! We love your support :)

  4. Great choices to force on your characters, Diane. I haven't really thought about this before, but in my upcoming book, I realize I've been toying with giving my characters some harder than normal choices to make. Should be interesting.

    Congratulations on the new release. :)

    1. Stacey - I agree. It makes a story so much more interesting when characters have to make very difficult choices and then deal with the impacts, especially when it doesn't turn out for the better. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!