Sunday, August 19, 2012

Deadly Obsession - Winner Best Romance!

Friends! I'm thrilled to let you all know that Deadly Obsession has won in the Best Romance category at the 2012 eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards (! As you can see from the list of finalists below, Deadly Obsession was in great company. Congratulations to Diana Murdock who is  a runner-up with her novel Again.

Best Romance (Finalists)
On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves (Tracey Garvis-Graves)
Firefly Run by Trish Milburn (Trish Milburn)
Again by Diana Murdock (Diana Murdock) **runner-up**
Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne (Kristine Cayne) **winner**
Not What She Seems by Victorine Lieske (Victorine Lieske)
A Kiss to Remember by Rebecca Mintos (Eternal Press)
Another Bloody Love Story by Rachel Green (Eternal Press)

How were nominees chosen?

All nominees were nominated by their peers in the industry.
Only digital works by independent authors or small press publishers were eligible for nomination.

How were the finalists chosen?

Each category was narrowed down to five to seven finalists.
Staff and volunteers involved in the eFestival of Words program narrowed down nominee lists to finalists, judging each on overall production value and presentation. They reviewed available information about the book (previews, third-party reviews, author websites, etc).

How were the winners selected?

Registered attendees of the eFestival of Words could vote for the final winners on the site. Only registered attendees could vote, and voting was limited to one vote per attendee. Voting closed on Friday, August 17th and winners were announced on August 19th.

I encourage all of you to participate in the eFestival of Words virtual book fair next year. (This year's is wrapping up today.) They had a number of excellent workshops, panels, and chats with leading authors. Best of all, it's all free!

Introducing the Winner - Deadly Obsession!

Title: Deadly Obsession
Series: Deadly Vices Book One
Author: Kristine Cayne

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Heat: HOT!
Price: Currently on sale for only $.99! (Regular price, $3.99)

Available from: Amazon ebookAmazon printAmazon UKBarnes and NobleSmashwordsAll Romance eBooksKoboiTunes/Apple USADieselSony.

When an Oscar-winning movie star meets a department-store photographer…

Movie star Nic Lamoureux appears to have a playboy’s perfect life. But it’s a part he plays, an act designed to conceal a dark secret he carries on his shoulders. His empty days and nights are a meaningless blur until he meets the woman who fulfills all his dreams. She and her son are the family he’s always wanted—if she can forgive a horrible mistake from his past.

A Hollywood dream…

Lauren James, a widowed single mother, earns barely enough money to support herself and her son. When she wins a photography contest and meets Nic, the man who stars in all her fantasies, her dreams, both professional and personal, are on the verge of becoming real. The attraction between Lauren and Nic is instant—and mutual. Their chemistry burns out of control during a photo shoot that could put Lauren on the fast track to a lucrative career.

Becomes a Hollywood nightmare

But an ill-advised kiss makes front-page news, and the lurid headlines threaten everything Nic and Lauren have hoped for. Before they know what’s happening, their relationship is further rocked by an obsessed and cunning stalker who’ll stop at nothing—not even murder—to have Nic to herself. When Nic falls for Lauren, the stalker zeroes in on her as the competition.

And the competition must be eliminated.

Excerpt from Deadly Obsession

Lauren rolled her eyes. “Fine. Do it.”

Nic bent down and brushed his lips against hers. For the first few seconds, she didn’t kiss him back, but she didn’t push him away, either. Then, on a sigh, she leaned into him and her arms locked around his neck. His tongue darted out to taste her bottom lip. Mmm… cherry—his new favorite flavor. When her mouth opened, he didn’t hesitate.

He dove in. And drowned.

He’d meant this to be a quick kiss, only now he just couldn’t stop. His lips traced a path to her throat. Cupping her bottom with his hands, he lifted her up, grinding against her. She moaned. It was a beautiful sound, one he definitely wanted to hear again.

A loud noise pierced the fog of his lust. He raised his head from where he’d been nuzzling Lauren’s apple-scented neck to tell whoever it was to fuck off, but as the sexual haze cleared, he swallowed the words. The paparazzi had gathered around, applauding and calling out crude encouragements. Some snapped photos while others rolled film. Shit. He’d pay for this fuck-up and so would she.


Again, thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for Deadly Obsession. I'm dancing on air :)



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    1. Thank you, Melissa! I'm pretty stoked about it :)

  2. Congratulations, Kristine! Well deserved! :-)

    1. Aw, thank you, Rhonda! I really appreciate that :)

  3. Happy dancing with you!

    1. Thank you, Dale! The more the merrier :)

  4. Apparently you did something right. Now figure out what it is and doing again, and again. :-)

    1. LOL - emaginette! You're absolutely right :) I hope people will enjoy Deadly Addiction as much as they did Dead Obsession, or even more! Thank you :)

  5. I'm a little late to the party, but my heartfelt congratulations to you, Kristine! I'm anxious to read your book that I just now put on my Kindle!

    1. Diana, that's the great thing about the Internet: it's never too late to join the party :) Thank you so much for our kind words and for picking up a copy of Deadly Obsession. I hope you enjoy it!