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Warm Yourself Up With Some Great #Prizes at the Winter Heat Hop! #GIVEAWAY

Welcome to the Winter Heat Blog Hop stop #6!! 

Contests and giveaways run from Nov. 24 through Dec. 5, 2014.  At the bottom of this post, I've listed two very special giveaways!

When I think of winter, I think of cold weather, snow, slippery roads. But I also think of warm fires, snugly blankets, and good books!

So, are you looking for something to heat up your evenings? I've got just the thing for you. My Deadly Vices romantic suspense series centers around the hero of Deadly Obsession and his friends. Each book features a different hero, and the heroine who will challenge him and ultimately help him defeat the villain. Because I love learning about new new cultures and societies, the books take place in a variety of locations (from LA to Montreal to Afghanistan) where part of the hero and/or heroine's struggle is in dealing with the unknown: cultural, religious, political, economic, and language-based issues. 

These books are gritty and as realistic as possible. The heroes think, act, and speak like men who live on the edge. And there is nothing sugar-coated about their sex lives. These books are one steamy ride! Okay, well, several. :D

As all good villains, my villains believe they are heroes and heroines. They are doing the wrong things for all the right reasons. Depending on your point of view, you may love them or hate them. But in all cases, they are a match for the hero and heroine.


To celebrate winter, I'm going to be giving away a couple of my hot guys! One lucky winner will receive and ecopy of DEADLY ADDICTION, the second book in my DEADLY VICES romantic suspense series, while another will receive DEADLY BETRAYAL, the third book in the series!

DEADLY ADDICTION (Deadly Vices, Book Two) 

4.8 stars on 39 reviews

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Winner - 1st place in the INDIE Awards, Romantic Suspense Category (a division of Chanticleer Book Reviews Blue Ribbon Writing Contests)
Finalist - Best Villain, Best Hero/Heroine, The Harvey Award for the Book We Most Want to See Made into a Movie - 2014 eFestival of Words Best of the Independent Books Awards
Nominee - Best Suspense/Thriller - 2012 RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence) Awards

A violent clash of cultures and nations tests the forbidden love between a Native American man and a white female cop.

When beautiful police sergeant Alyssa Morgan enters his life, Rémi Whitedeer never expects her to upend it. Not only does she have his hormones in an uproar, she's also threatening to take the position he wants--Chief of Police for the Iroquois Blackriver Reservation. But Alyssa is more than a Barbie cop. Her ends-justifies-the-means philosophy, so different from his own, challenges Rémi on every level. With her sharp investigative skills and her fearlessness, she leads Rémi to confront bitter truths about his family and his standing as a man of mixed race within his tribe. 

Tall hunky Rémi Whitedeer, of the panty-melting grin and the smoldering green eyes, flips Alyssa's world ass over teakettle. She's always had a laser-like focus on the job, but Rémi proves a constant distraction. His inner strength and sense of purpose strip away the winner-take-all attitude Alyssa wears like armor. Soon she's longing for more--a more that terrifies and intrigues her. If he finds out the fine line she'd walked while undercover, will he still want her? And will she ever find the courage to let him--or anyone--that far in?

When Alyssa and Rémi uncover a drug-fueled scheme involving a biker gang from Alyssa's past and a militant sovereigntist group led by Rémi's cousin, they are forced to choose between their growing love for each other and the lives they've worked so hard to build. Will Rémi and Alyssa have to leave everything behind--even their identities--for the chance of a future together?

DEADLY BETRAYAL (Deadly Vices, Book Three) 

4.8 stars on 18 reviews!

An Afghan woman’s rights activist with a dark secret.

Azita Seraj, doctor and women’s rights activist in Afghanistan, is horrified to learn that her late husband’s brother, Khalid Mullazai, is giving his eleven-year-old niece to a militant warlord. Desperate to save the girl, she reaches out to the only hope she has: an American soldier she treated several years earlier for a near-fatal gunshot wound. A wound he received in an ambush she’d unwittingly initiated. Can she enlist his aid and still keep secret her betrayal?

An American soldier searching for answers.

Kaden Christiansen never forgot the beautiful Afghan doctor who saved his life, and when he receives her cry for help, he doesn’t hesitate. He relishes the opportunity to see Azita again, and being in-country will give him a chance to hunt down the person responsible for the ambush that left one of his men dead.

A deadly conspiracy that threatens them both...

Pursued by Mullazai and the warlord’s fighters as they travel across the country disguised and posing as a married couple, Kaden and Azita begin to fall for their own act and for each other. But Kaden senses that Azita is holding back. Is the reason their cultural differences, or something darker?

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