Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Holiday #Giveaway: A Few of Our Favorite Things #Kindle #Fire #ebooks #AReads

Hello readers! Welcome to the Addictive Reads Holiday Giveaway!! 

The authors of Addictive Reads have once again joined together to offer readers a great holiday event. We each have blogs in which we're talking about our favorite things. Even better, many of us are giving away individual prizes in addition to the big group prize (yes, it's a Kindle Fire!). So here goes!

10 of My Favorite Holiday Things

1. Holiday parties! I love getting together with family and friends, in small or large gatherings, to talk and be merry. We get so busy during the year and lose touch with people. The holidays give us a chance to rekindle old friendships.

2. Marshmallow Santas - I love those little Russel Stover marshmallow Santas! Especially the ones with caramel in them. Yumm. 

3. Walking at night when there are just a few snowflakes falling and everyone has their Christmas lights on. The sky is so bright; it looks almost like daytime, but much prettier since everything twinkles. 

4. Christmas trees - I have ornaments of all kinds. Some were made by my kids when they were little. Others were gifts. All are special to me. I'll add some photos once I get them out of the box. No, my tree still isn't decorated as I write this blog. Shame on me.

5. Holiday treats  - my mother makes the best holiday treats. Two of them are my favorites: my grandmother's molasses cookies and peanut butter chocolate balls. The latter are especially sinful!

6. Christmas songs - I'm not one of those people who starts listening to Christmas music as soon as the plates are cleared on Thanksgiving Day. However, I do enjoy listening to Christmas music when I'm doing Christmasy things like wrapping presents, baking, and of course, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

I particularly enjoy this version of Mary Did You Know by Pentatonix.

7. Christmas movies - yes, I know most are sappy Hallmark movies, but that's what we need at this time of the year. Give me a feel-good HEA during the holidays, and I'm a happy camper! I have so many favorites - maybe I should have done a top ten favorite Christmas movie post. Hmm... maybe I will. :)

Elf is actually one of my favorite holiday movies. It's hilarious!

8. Christmas romances - I don't have a single favorite Christmas romance novel. I just love the genre. Every year, I make sure to read a few. They are always so much fun, and of course, since I read romance, they always end well. 

9. Children's Christmas story - my favorite children's Christmas story is by far The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. I love Dr. Seuss, and so I loved reading this one to my kids. Honestly, they were just the excuse. I know I was really reading it for myself. LOL.

10. Spending Christmas Day in pajamas, drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies with my husband and kids! 

Kindle Fire Giveaway!!! 

The authors of Addictive Reads are offering you, our fabulous readers, a giveaway where you have the chance to win a Kindle Fire HD 7 pre-loaded with over 30 of our novels, novellas, and short stories (an approx. retail value of $239). You can find out what’s included in our Holiday post. There’s something for everyone!

We’re also offering up $50, $20, and $15 gift cards as prizes. The winners will be able to choose to receive their gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, B&N, or Google Play. (Note: Winners for the gift cards will be selected from world wide entries. Unfortunately due to the cost of shipping overseas, the grand prize will be limited to U.S. entries only.)

How to enter? 

Fill out the rafflecopter at this link:

My Giveaway

For my personal giveaway, I'm offering two lucking winners one ebook to be chosen from any of my books. The winner can chose from my single titles below, or they can chose one of the bundles that I'm in. You can see them on my website:

How to enter? 

1. Join my New Releases mailing list: - Tell me what name or email address you used.

2. Tell me which book you would like to win and why.

3. Answer both questions in a blog comment below. Good luck!

What do I do now?

Keep hopping!!

Happy Reading!


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    deadly addiction sounds interesting

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  2. Hey, Kristine--I love so many of your favorite things. :) Especially the Christmas movies. I overdosed a bit last week during my cold...probably watched about 10 in 3 days on Netflix. ABC Family has some good ones, even if every once in awhile I come across a cheesy one.

    1. Thank you, Stacey. I'll have to check those out. I've got Netflix too. Maybe this weekend!

  3. Hi Kristine ~
    My favorite movie is Christmas Vacation :) Would love to win Everything Bared, I read Aftershocks & Under His Command, both awesome by the way :) Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Missy! Merry Christmas to you to and good luck!

  4. Your Christmas day sounds similar to mine, but I'll mix in a book or two with the movies.

    newsletter subscriber
    Deadly Betrayal since I have the first two.

    1. Anne, I hope you love Deadly Betrayal! I loved learning about the Afghan culture while I was writing it. Good luck!

  5. I signed for the newsletter!

    The book I would love to have is Aftershock...cause I like those kind of books!! :)


  6. Newsletter subscriber - skpetal at hotmail dot com
    My choice of book is Deadly Obsession, it sounds like a suspenseful story, I always enjoy those, they keep me on the edge of my seat wondering who and what and why.
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    1. Thank you, Jean. It's always a pleasure to meet another romantic suspense fan. Good luck!

  7. Aftershock looks hot. That why I would like to read it.

    Lori Richardson

    1. Thank you, Lori. I'm about to pick a winner. Good luck!

  8. and Deadly Addiction sounds the best to me. Thank you for this chance to win.

    1. Thank you, Shannon. Good luck! I will be announcing the winner shortly.