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Top Five Valentine GIFTS OF LOVE Blog Hop #AReads Win over $100 in prizes!!

Gifts of Love
February 13 – 15, 2015

A Valentine Blog Hop Giveaway!

Welcome, everyone! Valentine's Day is so much more than a Hallmark Holiday. It's the perfect occasion to let those special people in your life know how much you value them. To show how much I truly appreciate readers, I've put my newest release HANDLE WITH CARE free for the duration of this blog hop. So go ahead, download your copy today!

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Handle with Care
(Six-Alarm Sexy, An In-between Novella 2.5)

#FREE February 13 - 15, 2015!


A firefighter and his submissive wife face potentially life-threatening issues on their journey deeper into the world of BDSM. 

Following a long-delayed honeymoon that saved their crumbling marriage, firefighter Dom Jamie Caldwell couldn’t be happier with how his wife and submissive is taking to the lifestyle. But when a scene triggers a bad reaction and Erica doesn’t use her safeword, Jamie wonders just how solid their bond truly is. 

Erica is over the moon with her new relationship with her husband. Just months ago, they’d been on the verge of divorce, but now the future is bright—all thanks to the trust and honesty they’ve forged through BDSM. Everything they do is new and exciting… until it isn’t. And neither one knows how to move forward after Erica’s body betrays her. 

When a medical condition turns everything they know upside down, can Jamie and Erica find a way to strengthen their fragile connection? 

Note: Handle with Care is an in-between novella. Although it can be read as a stand-alone, it's more fun to read in sequence, or at least after having read Under His Command

Top Five Valentine Gifts of Love

The brutal truth is that my DH is not much into this great holiday, so I can't base my top five list on things I've received. Instead, what I've done prepared a list of the gifts that my heroes would give my heroines if I wrote them a Valentine's story. 

1. Nic to Lauren - Nic is a true romantic. His gift to Lauren would be a fairy tale night with all the trimmings. He'd charter a yacht to sail the St-Lawrence river (yes, I know the river is almost frozen solid in February, but work with me here). A small band would play all their favorite music and they'd dance the night away under the stars, while drinking champagne, eating a variety of gourmet dishes, surrounded by their friends and family. Later, they'd go down to the stateroom and he'd show her once again how much he loves having her in his life. 

2. Rémi to Alyssa - Rémi is my most spiritual hero, so his gift would have a symbolic meaning for both of them. Because it's winter, they'd stay home with a fire lit, the lights turned low. He'd cook their meal on it. He'd feed her, then she'd feed him, to show that they are both strong and will support each other. He'd take her in his arms and gift her a ring on which were carved two wolf paw prints, signifying his clan and his pledge to walk beside her throughout their lives and beyond. Then he'd lay her down on a fur rug and love her so hard, she'd forget about everyone and anything but him. He'd be inside her and her inside him, connected in their hearts, bound forever. 

3. Kaden to Azita - Kaden is very sensitive to Azita's culture and the meaning behind gifts, and the fact that she is new to the concept of Valentine's Day. To commemorate her first Valentine's Day as his wife, he takes it upon himself to prepare their dinner alone, one they share with their adoptive daughter Laila. He gives both of them flowers and chocolates, something neither has ever received before. He also gives them both a set of gold bangles, each one bearing a different design. Later, when they are alone, he gives Azita a gold necklace of fine chains hanging in a pattern along the front. Within the chains are small stones representing each of their birthdays (his, Azita's and Laila's). Several chains have no stones. He tells her those are for the children they will have together.

4. Jamie to Erica - In Handle with Care, Jamie already gives Erica a very special present, but on Valentine's Day, he makes her rest (she's pregnant) while he and their daughter Chloe prepare a great meal for Mommy. They have all her favorites and eat in the dining room with her fancy Limoges dishes. Dinner is topped off with a chocolate fondue with fruit and mini-marshmallows. Then once Chloe is off to bed, Jamie takes Erica to their room and gives her the night of her life, with her eyes blindfolded. At the end, when she is sated in his arms, he removes the blindfold and shows her his new tattoo, a stylized heart with a lock. Surrounding the heart is a ribbon with Erica's name and Chloe's. There is an empty spot to hold the name of their baby. He has given his heart into their trust as they have given theirs to him. 

5. William to Dani - Dani is not the type of woman who is moved by the traditional Valentine's Day gift, so William really has his work cut out for him. He takes her to a ski resort in the Cascade mountains, where they have a blast trying to out ski each other on the diamond runs. At the end of the day, they retire to their suite in the resort hotel. William starts the hot tub in their room and orders her to strip. He leaves the curtains open, knowing this will excite her. He makes her get in the tub. Moments later, there is a knock. He opens the door and lets a handsome waiter in. All the while Dani sits smiling in full view. William hands Dani the bottle of Corona with a slice of fresh lime in it and takes his own glass of Glenlivet. While the waiter arranges their dinner on a small table by the window, William sheds his remaining clothing and joins Dani in the tub. She laughs and straddles him, knowing the show is for her own benefit. 

Phew! So what do you think of those gift ideas? If you're looking for something even more unconventional, I've got the story for you! 

Un-Valentine's Day is a cute contemporary romance novelette (37 pages) about a woman who hates the holiday and the man who changes her mind.

It's Valentine's Day, and Noah Jensen has a mad crush on Cassie Ames, a woman who vehemently hates the hearts-and-flowers holiday. Even worse, she doesn't see him as boyfriend material. Can Noah give Cassie a perfectly unconventional un-Valentine's day and move out of the dreaded friend zone--and into her heart?

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In a comment, tell me which of the gifts listed in my Top 5 would be the one you'd most prefer and why

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What now? 

Keep hopping!

Thank you all for sharing your Valentine's Day with me! 


  1. I'd go with Remi's. I prefer not being out especially since I live in a cold weather state and Feb. 14th can be a nightmare. I also like gifts/events which show thought, feeling and connection (not that the other's didn't have similar elements).

    1. Thank you, Anne! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  2. I'd pick Everything Bared. I've read Dani and William's story, but haven't been able to buy it. I own Jamie and Erica's books. I'd love to add Everything Bared to my Library.
    BTW- it's 1:00 a.m on Feb 14, so Happy Hearts Day Kristine. <3<3

    1. Thank you, Kim! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

  3. Don't enter me in the contest, Kristine, but I'm partial to Remi and Alyssa's evening. Sounds great! :)

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Stacey! It was fun trying to imagine how they'd each commemorate the day with their ladies. :)

  4. a $25 gift card for ebook store Amazon for my teens reading addiction!!

  5. #1 because never been on a yacht

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

    1. That would be fun, wouldn't it? Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. #1 because he is so romantic and I would love to spend time on a yacht.

    1. Thank you, Dana. Nic is definitely very romantic. I'm sure you'd have a great time with him. :)

  7. Rémi's because I find low lighting romantic and I think feeding each other is akin to foreplay. All of it is a slow, caring work up to the big event :) I'd really enjoy that.