Thursday, April 12, 2012

Freebie Spotlight - "Playing the Game" by Stephanie Queen

Everyone, please join me in welcoming fellow indie-author, Stephanie Queen. Stephanie now has three highly-rated books on her virtual shelf, including today's freebie spotlight, Playing the Game.

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Title: Playing the Game

Author: Stephanie Queen

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat: HOT!

Price: $3.99 - FREE on Amazon on April 12-13


Playing the Game: About more than a ball.

Can a woman bring down a legend by distracting him from his game? 

Since her disastrous marriage ended, Roxanne Monet has sworn off serious relationships with men. She has more important things to worry about, like accusations of murdering her wealthy husband, no money and no job. But when she meets superstar Barry Dennis and he challenges her to a game of seduction, she decides to play ball. When the game turns serious, she unintentionally exposes the legend to be a flawed man.
Barry Dennis picked the wrong woman to play games with when he decides to flirt with the enigmatic Roxanne. Being the best takes all he has. He can’t afford to let anything or anyone interfere with his first and only priority--Basketball. But as the attraction between them heats up, he finds himself losing sight of his life’s game plan.

While the sports world’s microscope is trained on Barry’s game and the media hounds Roxanne about her husband’s mysterious death, the stakes are ratcheted up even higher when Barry’s young daughter, Lindy is injured. Roxanne gives Lindy the attention she needs while Barry struggles to cope with the demands of his new priorities.

Can Roxanne rely on Barry to do more than play ball? She takes the risk and gives him the last thing she owns--her heart.

All in the Name of Research

Stephanie: One of my favorite things about writing novels is doing the research. My newest novel, Playing the Game, is about a superstar basketball player who gets taken down a peg by a woman in the habit of taking men down a peg. She’s been accused of murder because of her habit.  But I digress, let me tell you about how I did my research.

Long, long ago, back in the Larry Bird and Michael Jordan era of NBA basketball, I was a fan and I thought about how single-minded an athlete had to be to achieve world championship status.  So I did some research that would later go into my recently released novel Playing the Game.

Research you say? What need I do besides go to a few basketball games, read a few books and follow the sports page?  Oh no, I did so much more. Let me tell you about what I had the nerve to do for research. 

I didn’t tell anyone I was going to do it because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. But I figured what the heck. So I called the Boston Celtics office and told them I was writing a book. 

They did the following for me: gave me a tour of the garden including the locker rooms and all the behind the scenes facilities (no big deal you say—you’ve seen it all on TV); next, they invited me to attend a practice, but not just to watch—I had access to all the players and coach for interviews, which I took advantage of (well, that’s something…); AND finally, they gave me a media pass to attend a game which meant I entered through the secret back door, sat at a courtside table, hung out in the media room at half time with all the sports guys and gals and after the game I hung out by the locker rooms for post-game interviews. Talk about soaking up atmosphere.  The one thing they did NOT let me do: go inside the team locker room after the game. Working media with deadlines only were allowed inside. Shucks.

Anyway, that’s my fabulous research adventure for Playing the Game. And it all began with that hush-hush bold telephone call.  What would you dare to do in the name of research?

Five Things About the Author

  1. Kitty is a legitimate name for my cat. I don’t believe all the abuse I get for poor Kitty’s name.
  2. I do not wear a crown to the grocery store. I leave it in the limo with my driver and dash inside with dark glasses.
  3. I have a hard time taking bios seriously.
  4. My novel, Playing the Game, is not as lighthearted as I generally write—it’s a departure. But it’s about one of my other (than writing) passions – sports. And it’s sizzling hot.
  5. I’m a jockette (see above re: passions – sports).

Stephanie's Books

Playing the Game - Get it FREE now.
The Throwbacks (The Scotland Yard Exchange Program) - Amazon
Between a Rock and a Mad Woman - Amazon
Praise for Stephanie Queen's The Throwbacks - 4.5 Stars Romantic Times Book Reviews "Boston comes vividly alive in the first of Queen’s Scotland Yard Exchange Program series. Grace is an engaging heroine with charm, humor and sass. Resplendent in rich detail, laugh-out-loud moments, a fast-paced plot and spellbinding characters, The Throwbacks is a stellar not-to-be-missed standout!"

Thank you for joining us today for our Freebie Spotlight. Let your friends know about Stephanie's great FREE book by sharing this post (see share links below). Stephanie and I would also love to know your answer to her question: What would you dare to do in the name of research?

Happy reading!


  1. WOW! on that research story! How fabulous!

    1. Diana, thank you for stopping by and commenting. Now we now why Stephanie's books sound so real - because she did such great research!

  2. Hellooo, tweet-mate Stephanie! Just downloaded Playing the Game. Can't wait to read it. Hope today's freebie sends you up the charts! And thanks, Kristine, for the fun interview!

    1. Alicia - thank you for stopping by and downloading Stephanie's book. I'm sure she'll be very happy. I have a lot of fun doing these spotlights so please keep me in mind should you ever need the extra little boost of promo :D

  3. Diana, I had a ball doing that research--even though I was so star-struck at the time, everyone was so nice to me!
    Alicia thank you so much for supporting me!

    Kristine, not surprisingly, you're a wonderful hostess! Thanks a million for the spotlight!
    Stephanie Queen

    1. Thank you, Stephanie. You're so kind :)

  4. I can only imagine what a wonderful experience it must have been, that research of yours. I would pass out. Lucky you!
    Thanks for the great free read!