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Spotlight - "Falling Angel" by Clare Tisdale

Everyone, please join me in welcoming Clare Tisdale to the blog today. Clare and I have been in the same writing group for several years now. She's a wonderfully talented writer whose smooth sentences and gripping story lines will draw you in like they do me.

I've very excited because Clare has just released her first book, Falling Angel. And to make the occasion even more special, Falling Angel is FREE until April 10th. But don't wait! Get your copy today.

Author: Clare Tisdale
Title: Falling Angel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Heat: Mild

Price: $2.99 - FREE until April 10, 2012

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Cara Walker moves to Seattle to start a new life, far away from her cheating ex-boyfriend. Burned by past experience, she vows to only date men who are financially secure and ready for a serious commitment. David, an upwardly mobile banker, seems like the perfect match. Then she meets bad boy Ben Kilpatrick, a charismatic artist with a wild streak a mile long. Cara must decide whether to follow her head and stay away or take a reckless gamble on the chance of true love.

Excerpt From Falling Angel

Casually, Ben steered the conversation away from himself. “So, what brought you to the show?”

“My roommate, actually. She loves to go out and meet guys, and drags me along with her.”

“You make it sound like a chore.”

“It’s not that,” said Cara, debating whether to confide in him. He seemed so open, so non-judgmental, that she decided to be honest. “It’s  that . . . well, I’m not that into the whole singles scene. And artists, especially, seem so puffed up with a sense of their own importance, you know? I’m at a point in my life now where I’m looking for something more stable.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Just that I’ve made a promise to myself to make better choices when it comes to guys.”

“No more crazy artist-types, huh?” A small smile played about Ben’s lips. “Only stockbrokers and CPA’s from here on out?”

“It sounds so calculating, when you put it that way. All I mean is I’m looking for someone who’s a realist, not chasing some illusory dream. It seems childish to pursue art as a viable career. The reality is that many are called but few are chosen.” 

Heartened by Ben’s attentive silence, Cara continued. “When it comes to men, I intend to stake my hopes on more of a sure thing. A good provider, as they say. Emotionally and financially stable. I guess I’m a little more cynical than I used to be.”

“At your advanced age? How old are you? Twenty-one, twenty-two? Are you even legal?”
Cara glared at him. “I’ll be twenty three next week, thank you very much.”
“No way!” said Ben, laughing at her indignation.

Cara relented and grinned. “I know. I look like a twelve-year-old, right? I can’t buy wine at the store without getting carded. It’s embarrassing, really.”

“I like the way you look.”

For a moment, their eyes met, and Cara sensed in his a challenge. A small thrill went through her as she looked away, tracing the marbled surface of the counter with her fingertip. 

About the Author

Clare: I have been writing since the age of nine, when my father took a sabbatical from his work as a physicist at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia. He took the whole family on a nine-month round-the-world trip to every continent. I had to keep a daily journal as a way to keep up with my schoolwork, and I continued writing a journal all through my twenties. 

While, marriage, work and motherhood have taken away much of my navel-gazing time (sigh), that early introduction to daily writing stayed with me, and I have since written countless articles for print and online publications, as well as five fiction novels. 

Falling Angel is the first book I’ve e-published, and I’m excited to see the reception it will get from readers. I can’t wait for my first review! Of course, this being a romance, I imagine the ending won’t be too much of a surprise. But I hope you’ll find it a satisfying read.

I hope this excerpt has whetted your appetite for more. You can also follow my trials and travails as a newbie e-book publisher at
A thousand thanks to Kristine for hosting me on her blog!


Kristine: Doesn't Falling Angel sound like an excellent read? Give this debut author a chance and download her book for free. Here are the links again: and

Thank you, Clare, for giving me the opportunity to feature your debut release, and thank you to the readers for all your support and encouragement.

We'd love to hear what you think of Clare's new book and the cover, designed by the fabulous Scarlett Rugers. Please leave us your thoughts in a comment below.

Happy Easter and Happy Reading :)



  1. The excerpt made me go "Awww..." :) I'm off to get the book and read it now.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Mirriam. I hope you enjoy Falling Angel and Clare's writing style as much as I do :D

  2. Falling Angel is doing really well! Take a chance on this debut author and have yourself an excellent read!

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