Friday, October 12, 2012

DEADLY OBSESSION - Celebrating 6 weeks in the WTRAFSOG Top 50 List!!

Some of you may have read this post title and wondered: What's the WTRAFSOG list?

WTRAFSOG is the acronym used for the What to Read After Fifty Shades of Grey Facebook page. This page was put together by author Summer Daniels and is a place where romance readers who enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey can go to find new books.

Is it only for erotica or erotic romance? Not at all. The books, posted by either the author or an enthusiastic reader, run the gamut of sensuality levels from mild to scorching.

I first heard about the WTRAFSOG page from a guest post Summer did on JA Konrath's blog (see it here) where she talked about her Summer's Journey erotic romance series. What is amazing about this page is that it now has over 20K fans. That's 20K people to who see your book post. 20K fans of romance. Wow.

The best thing about this page? Summer doesn't charge authors a dime for "advertising." She is an Amazon Affiliate and earns some cash on the side that way, which compensates a little for the huge time outlay needed to maintain this page.

Summer also sends out a Daily Digest via email to those who subscribe to it, listing all the day's posts. This is great for people who want to follow the page, but don't always have time to visit it on FB.

The WTRAFSOG Top 50 List

Because she has an Affiliate account, Summer can apply codes to the book links on the WTRAFSOG page, and she can know how many of each book were bought via her links. Using this information, she compiles a weekly Top 50 List. These are the books that have sold the most via her links.

Six Weeks in the Top 50 List

This week marks the sixth consecutive week that DEADLY OBSESSION has appeared in the Top 50 List. It is currently sitting at #12, but each week it rises a notch or two. Seeing my book rise the ranks of this list has been a huge moral booster. I've received heart-warming reviews from readers who've found my book on this page and loved it. If you're a fan of romance, please check out this page. You'll find great book deals, recommendations, and even freebies.

In Celebration

Since DEADLY OBSESSION has been doing so well at its sale price of $0.99 (£0.77), I've decided to leave it at this price on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for a little while longer before putting it back to its regular $3.99 price.

If you're interested in trying it out, and helping me keep my spot on the WTRAFSOG list, here are the links:
#12: Deadly Obsession (Deadly Vices) by Kristine Cayne

Kindle US | Paperback US | Kindle UK | Paperback UK | Nook

Happy Reading!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Rhonda! It's been really great, and I'm so happy to have found lovely new readers through the WTRAFSOG page.

  2. Yay Kristine, so glad to hear you're doing so well !

    1. Thank you, Lorraine! The WTRAFSOG page has been such a great way for me to find new romance readers. And readers love it because they get great deals :)