Sunday, March 17, 2013

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the BC & Shamrocks Giveaway Hop to #Win!

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Do you have any special St. Patrick's Day traditions? I'm not Irish, but I come from Montréal, which surprisingly has the third largest St. Patrick's Day Parade in North America, behind only New York and Chicago. I attended it often as a teenager and young adult. March in that part of the country is fickle. Sometimes, I nearly froze my toes off, other years, I wore only a T-shirt and got a nice tan. But whatever the weather, it was always a blast. Everyone wore green, McDonald's had Shamrock Shakes, the bars had green beer, and everyone was in a party mood.

Since we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day, I'd like to say a little word about my FREE novelette, Guns 'N' Tulips. This story takes place St. Patrick's Day in Chicago, and I use some of the Irish holiday's symbolism, which you can see in the short excerpt below.

FREE at most locations!

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Officer Connor Kavanagh lost everything—his badge, his friends and his fiancée—when he agreed to go undercover with the mob and infiltrate the ruthless Bank Bandits. After months of scheming and strategizing, the day of the big heist—and Connor's chance to get his old life back—finally arrives, but right from the start, Connor's plans fall apart. Even worse, the woman he loves is trapped in the crosshairs of the Bank Bandits' murderous leader, and Connor is her only hope for survival.

They pulled the stockings over their heads and picked up their weapons. Connor slipped the backpack containing his tools on his shoulders, and when the van door slid open, he and Owen jumped out. A brisk March wind tugged at Connor’s trench coat, threatening to yank it open and reveal the MP5 he held hidden inside. The day’s cloudy gray skies reflected his mood as they sped across the oddly empty sidewalk.

In the distance, he heard the cheering of a crowd. Brows furrowed, he pushed open the entrance door to the bank and came face to face with a cardboard leprechaun. St. Patrick’s Day. The bank was only a few blocks from the parade route where all the Irish and Irish wannabes in the city of Chicago were lining along Columbus Drive, shivering in the cold lake air and drinking gallons of beer and whiskey. Last year, Lily had insisted on attending both the river-dying ceremony and the parade, and he’d had a blast snuggling with her under a Bears blanket to keep her warm.

But that was a lifetime ago. Lily hated him now, maybe for good.

Pushing down the emotions clogging his throat, he nodded to Owen, raised his gun and charged inside. “Everyone, listen up! Get face down on the ground with your hands above your heads. Now!”


Do you think the luck of the Irish will hold for Connor? Can he accomplish his mission and be reunited with the woman who means everything to him? Download it today and find out if Connor will be lucky in love... or not.

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My Prize
Today, my prize is an ecopy of Dana Delamar's Retribution (Blood and Honor). Why? Although the hero is British not Irish, I believe he will need the luck of the Irish to get out of the mess he's in with the mob.

An Interpol agent playing a dangerous game. A Mafia princess desperate to escape. A man determined to exact retribution...

Nick Clarkston, a young Interpol agent, threatens to undo the fragile peace between the Lucchesi and Andretti families when he tries to take down the Mafia don father who abandoned him. He allies with his father's sworn enemy, a mobster both devious and ruthless. The mobster's alluring daughter helps Nick negotiate the murky criminal underworld, but he soon learns she's using him. Trapped, and with nowhere to turn, Nick makes a tragic mistake that plunges him further into danger.

Delfina Andretti appears to be the typical Mafia princess--but this princess wants out. Delfina dreams of being a fashion designer, and hooking up with Nick is her ticket out of an arranged marriage. Her feelings for Nick are genuine, but he's leery of her. Even worse, his heedless drive for justice threatens to get them both killed and to put everyone Delfina loves behind bars--unless she and Nick can forge a new future for their warring families.

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Besides the over 100 prizes from the participating hosts, we've got some great grand prizes on this Giveaway Hop.

The Grand Prize of this crazy bloghop is a Naughty Basket from Cabal of Hotness!
The items:
- tickler/flogger (one on each end)
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- flask that reads "girls with class don't need a glass"
- g-spot vibe
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  1. Rafflecopter ate your page, but I tried! My favorite St. pats tradition is corned beef and cabbage. Thanks!
    brendurbanist at gmail dot com

  2. no traditions for me. and thanks for being a party of the blog hop and happy st patricks day!

  3. Can't say we have any traditions here. Just enjoying the Sunday. authorangelicadawson at (looks like you've attracted a couple spam bots)

  4. In high school, I marched in the city's annual St. Patty's Day Parade each year. Since then, I haven't had any real traditions--I wear green and usually make corned beef ruebens during the week.
    Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  5. Enjoy corned beef and cabbage, nothing really exciting in our house.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  6. We have a pot luck at work if that counts otherwise never really got into this holiday :(!
    jaimela77 at gmail dot com

  7. Wearing green and shamrocks!!!

  8. My tradition is wearing green and having corn beef and cabbage.

  9. We do not usually do anything special, but last year we did have a family dinner. I had to cook and I do not like corned beef, so I made Italian - not very Irish at all. But I did make my Sangria green instead of the traditional red. I used white wine instead of red, white grape juice instead of red, green grapes, green apples, kiwi, pear, lime instead of oranges, red apples, and berries.

    This year, we all wore green!

    1. Oh, now green Sangria sounds amazing! Good luck with the giveaways, Theresa!

  10. We usually just do dinner with the family. Thats about it.

  11. Usually we just have corned beef and cabbage but I forgot to buy the stuff so we had leftovers this year.
    Seawitch reviews at yahoo dot com

  12. no traditions :( lisa gk (at) yahoo

  13. no traditions

  14. I don't have a tradition. I wear green. :)

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  15. We wear green and go geocaching with friends then come home and eat corned beef and cabbage.
    rilekat2 at gmail dot com

  16. This St. Patty's Day I went to an Irish Pub with my best friend and wore green. It was fun!

    mestith at gmail dot com

  17. Sadly, we have no St Patrick's Day traditions at our house. But I do love to see the river in San Antonio dyed green for the celebration. :-)

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